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Watching movies have never been more comfortable and relaxing than watching them had movies from CD players to downloaded file and there is a new way of watching online movies through websites that offer free streaming services. These movies offered for free range from tv shows, tv series and movies. Movies streamed online are those that have been released in the cinemas and will not be subject to anti-piracy rules. Anti-piracy have been the subject of raids by government agencies and there have been many more pirated CDs confiscated. But there are rules imbedded in the cybercrime that makes it difficult to prosecute those engaging in piracy of movies. Online streaming has benefited a lot of people and has been the primary means of watching movies because there has been innovations in the manufacturing of television sets. There are many smart television sets offered in the market that have internet connections and are able to download movies, tv show and even games. You don't need to go to the movie houses and shell out a couple of bucks instead use the money to buy your refreshment and sit down on a comfortable couch with your family and friends watching movies streamed online. Video streaming has also been adopted by radio networks and they offer internet live radio streaming sometime with their audio only or those big networks offer live radio broadcasting. Live streaming is real time streaming and as events unfold, they are captured online without being edited but for movies, streaming can be done by demand. On demand streaming are also called progressive streaming where media files are saved on the hard disks and can be played anytime a person wants to view it. HERE's a good read, check it out!


Streaming has its limitations such as the internet speed because if your do not have a good internet connection, you may end up watching a forty five minutes movie stream from two hours or more. These is the most basic component necessary to provide faster streaming services. Another limitation is the quality of the streamed video. There are high definition videos that are streamed online but they require faster internet connection speed because they are large files and are heavy to stream. Files may be reformatted into smaller horizontal lines for ease in data transfers. Most of these high definition stream online videos as fi they look like being shot on film locations and this is known as filmizing. To gather more awesome ideas , click here to get started.